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Garciaparra Thinking Charity Baseball

The 35-year-old has re -rooted in Southern California with his wife and two daughters, a key factor for the local native return home with the Dodgers signed three years ago.. Nomar Garciaparra hasn t decided whether to retire from baseball, using an unusually slow free-agent season to consider his future and concentrate on playing charitable initiatives, with soccer-star wife Mia Hamm.
14.5.09 09:35


Former President George W Bush Wife Attend Baylor Women Quot Basketball Game

Former president and his wife Laura attended George W Bush Wednesday game. The group was overwhelmed by photographers and camera crews to the bench Oklahoma. The two entered several minutes before the opening tip, accompanying Lady Bears coach Kim Mulkey, and received a lengthy standing ovation from fans at the Ferrell Center.
14.5.09 09:35

Key Matchup Eagles Wr Jackson Vs Cardinals Rodgers Cromartie

His rookie against rookie, lean against lean, speed against speed. Thanks to the wide receiver to injury, Jackson was the first rookie to start a season opener for coach Andy Reid, but is better known for his premature celebration after he flipped the ball has crossed the end of the first zone in a game Monday night against Dallas, which ultimately cost the Eagles a contact. Eagles Jackson was the second draft choice in California, last spring.
14.5.09 09:35

Currently On Dvd Quot Lakeview Terrace Quot With Samuel L Jackson

With all the films in theaters Samuel L Jackson had the last year, where he was the lead, Lakeview what was passed the box office during the weekend of opening. A young couple (Patrick Wilson and Kerry Washington) has just moved to California, their dream of home, when the goal of becoming their next-door neighbor Abel Turner, who disapproves of their interracial relationship..
14.5.09 09:35

Elton John Was Joined By Sam Taylor Wood And Patrick Cox

Over Gray Goose cocktails, Sam Taylor-Wood and Patrick Cox debated whether Thierry Henry or Mark Foster looked better in the buff, while Pattie Boyd preferred to recall the glory days of British rock with the launch of the rocket man himself. Elton John convened its most charitable friends all hospital Gallery to celebrate his latest project Champions: Sporting Portraits by Anderson Nude Low Elton John to the AIDS Foundation, currently on display at the National Portrait Gallery.
14.5.09 09:35

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